The Moving Crew's *Prepping Service* is great add-on to any project. Your Crew will arrive fully stocked with powertools, stretch wrap, and tape. The *Prepping-Service* includes furniture disassembly and appliance preparation. The *Prepping-Service* is extremely cost effective for any large relocation project. Customers are able to bundle services together to create a magical moving experience. 


The Moving Crew's *Hauling Service* is a great add-on feature to any project. After your service is complete, our Crew is able to haul away any unwanted  furniture, appliances and items that are contained and/or  sealed. Our goal is for you to feel at home in your new residence and our *Hauling Service* is the cherry on top. The Moving Crew is happy to donate discarded items to a local non-profit, Goodwill or Salvation Army.






The Moving Crew provides the following services: Packing, Unpacking, Prepping, Staging, Moving & Hauling. All professional services are hourly based. Drop us a line for an estimate that is specific to your upcoming project. 

The Moving Crew's *Loading Service* will help with the heavy lifting and rearranging of furniture. The *Loading Service* is ideal for Realtors or Home-Owners ready to put their home on the market. Our Crew will move extra furniture items and boxes to any location you need. 

The Moving Crew's *Packing & Unpacking Service* will help customers stay organized. Your Crew will arrive fully stocked with a variety of boxes and packing material to assist with any packing project. The Moving Crew will buy back any packing material that is not used the day of the service. Our Crew is skilled at packing glass, antiques, wall-decor and art. When we are Unpacking Boxes we are able to put your items in a thoughtful place and then haul away any packing material. 

The Moving Crew

Professional Moving Company : Licensed & Insured 



The Moving Crew's *Moving Service* is our Top Customer Choice! The moving service includes Professional Crew Members, Moving Truck(s), Moving Quilts, Bands & Tie Downs, Power-Tolls, Dollies, 4-Wheelers, Stretch Wrap & Tape. Your moving experience is made easy with the Crew. Sit back and relax and let The Moving Crew work for you.


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