"Lets make an experience...

Not an incident"

"Focus on what we can do, not what we can't do"



"Modern Day Mom & Pop Company"

The Moving Crew is a professional relocation company that is fully-licensed and insured. Our Crew is made up of highly skilled Crew members who have received 'Moving-Crew-Training' and have onsite experience. Our goal is to go *Above & Beyond*on every project and leave our customers 100% satisfied.

The Moving Crew

The Moving Crew believes that on every project our Crew will focus on what they can do, verses what they can't do. If there is a project that needs a different set of expertise, The Moving Crew team will do their best to get you in contact with the right company. The Moving Crew wants to create a positive experience and not leave customer with an incident or damage.  

Professional Moving Company Licensed Insured in Austin

The Moving Crew is a Modern Day Mom & Pop Company*. With our attention to detail from the moment you  request a quote, to the day of your service, to the hand-written Thank You note you receive after your project is complete; the experience will take you back to that feeling of the good old days* when a customer is a person instead of a number. 

The Moving Crew was established 2014, setting up moving-roots in the heart of Austin,TX.  

Founders, Kacy & Lizzy Samples, wanted to create a relocation company that was different than the rest; that focused on a quality experience & superior customer service. 


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